Country singer and authentic country boy cherishes being a God-fearing, church-going family man and making people happy with old school country singing. Musical seeds were planted in rich, melodious soil for Tommy Wood, an independent country music recording artist.

Musical notes took root and sprouted when even as a little tyke he latched on to his Mom's stereo cabinet and persistently listened to her Loretta Lynn albums and Conway Twitty recordings. Tommy admits that even at that tender young age he just couldn't get close enough to the music that attracted him with words that soaked into his ears...and heart. So much so that he recalls his mother telling the story about how he cut his teeth on country music, literally. Lucille Wood recounts how after attempting to pull him away from the stereo, her tiny tot reached over and sunk his teeth right into the wooden piece of furniture! 

An honest-to-goodness, heartfelt love for country music and its roots yield forth a life-force that continues today for this salt of the earth boy from the country. So, what makes Tommy an authentic country boy? Well, when asked how she'd describe a dyed-in-the-wool country boy, Elizabeth Capps, a lifelong native of St. Louis, Missouri, thoughtfully reeled off what forthrightly came to her mind. She stated, "oh that's easy -- a real country boy is fun to be around, goodhearted, clean-minded and way too busy doing wholesome work to get into any trouble". Pausing for a split second she added, "One more thing, he would know that eggs don't come from the grocery store!". Having never met Tommy, she managed to describe him to a T. 

Longtime music fans will attest that Tommy is fun to be around, goodhearted and clean-minded.